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Dr. Jonathan Robinson Ph.D., CPC,CAMS, CAMT, BA,


Dr. Jonathan Robinson

University Provost 


 - ITT Technical Institute - Valedictorian 

  Class of 2009

  Associates Degree - Business Accounting & Technology

- Collin College Associates of Applied Science 

  Class of 2014

- Harvest Christian University 

  Honorary Doctorate - Mass Communications

  Class of 2022

- Southern Methodist University

  Bachelor's - Business Administration (current)




- ITT Technical Institute Business Accounting & Technology - Student of the Year (2007)

- ITT Technical Institute Dean's List Recipient (2007 - 2009)

- ITT Technical Institute - Honors Student (2007 - 2009)

- ITT Technical Institute Financial Officer Women In Technology Service Award - (2007-2009)

-  Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity - Honorary Member (2023)

- National Council of American Executives Award Honoree (2014)

  (recipient consideration from former President Barack Obama)


Dr. Jonathan Robinson is an esteemed academician and the current Provost of Harvest Christian University. With an impressive background in education and a passion for intellectual growth, Dr. Robinson has made significant contributions to the institution's development and the broader education sector as a whole.


As Provost, Dr. Robinson plays a vital role in shaping the academic vision of Harvest Christian University. He oversees all aspects of the university's educational programs, ensuring they align with the institution's mission and objectives. His expertise and leadership skills have been instrumental in fostering a culture of excellence and innovation among the faculty and students.

Beyond the confines of the university, Dr. Robinson recognizes the profound impact education can have on all industry sectors. He believes that by investing in education, we cultivate a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that drives innovation, economic growth, and societal progress. By forging partnerships with industry leaders, Dr. Robinson ensures that Harvest Christian University's programs align with the needs and demands of various sectors, enabling students to seamlessly transition into the workforce and make a meaningful impact.

As the Provost of Harvest Christian University, Dr. Jonathan Robinson is a visionary leader who understands the importance of education in today's world. Through his guidance, the university has flourished, offering students a transformative educational experience. Dr. Robinson's commitment to campus growth, emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches, and focus on industry impact have solidified Harvest Christian University's position as a leading institution, empowering students to excel in all industry sectors.

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