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Entrepreneur  Studies

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Entrepreneurial Studies

Entrepreneurial Studies at Harvest Christian University enables students to take ideas and shape them into existent business operations. Graduates who learn the concepts of entrepreneurship gain the skills to take a business idea from conception to funding and then to development. Additionally, collaborative skills are stressed in the Entrepreneurial Studies Degree/Certificate Program. Our Small Business Development Center is a partner to Dr. D. D. Carroll School of Business. The Faculty consist of mentors and sounding boards for a creative idea generation and business proposal development.

The entrepreneurial studies degree program is centered around the core areas of:

  • Identify and solve real-world problems.

  •  Business opportunities through the SBDC.

  • Creating mission-driven ideas and concepts to benefit both business and society.

  • Making technology work to scale business ventures appropriately.

  • Develop capital to bring new ideas to life.

  • Effective oral and written business communication.

What is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are more than just business owners or CEOs. They are people who see a need in society and find a way to fill the void with a tangible product or a intangible service to help the people they have defined as their target market.

An entrepreneur is someone with a creative vision. They see how their product or service could make a difference in this world. They are not afraid to try and fail. For every wrong turn, they gain insight and answers to their work. They are both independent and in need of viable partners.  HCU's entrepreneurial studies candidates focus on understanding business practices from the ground up.

Coursework in Entrepreneurial Studies at HCU focuses on:

  • Public Relations

  • Operations Management

  • Ethical Leadership

  • Cultivating New Ideas

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Business law

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Work Environments and Culture

  • Communications and Networking


The Benefits of a Masters Degree/Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs who take their own ideas and run with them can end up as business owners, managers or consultants. They are creative, technologically savvy, well-rounded in business knowledge, and persistent. They have the transformative lifelong skills needed to thrive in any environment.


The concentrations are emphasis for those who want to work in these marketplaces:

  • Corporate Businesses

  • Start-ups

  • Consulting Agencies

  • Government Associations

  • Locally-owned Small Businesses

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