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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


           Responsibilities of the Board of Regents.

The regents establish policy in areas such as personnel, campus development, student services, admissions, and financial aid. The duties of the regents include advise in the financial management of the university, its investments, and its property holdings as well as safeguarding of the university.


Boards of Regents will produce funding and support systems for the University. 
The board of regents has a number of duties it must perform. It must do short-range and long-range planning, develop and articulate the vision and mission of the university system,   partnerships  and implement programs and  ensure the university  has  broad policy decisions.

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Sir Dr. William L. Benson

Founder & CEO, Billionaire's Row

Founder & Owner, Benson & Benson

Former Senior Manager, Tyche Capital Fund

Board Member, Unspoken Smile

Former CEO, R3 Technologies, Inc.

Chairman - Board of Regent

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Dr. Carl Robinson

President, Harvest Christian University

President, Greater Dallas LifeSkills

Honorary Consular General, Democratic Republic of Congo 

Board of Regents 


Dr. Jonathan Robinson

VP, Greater Dallas LifeSkills

Provost, Harvest Christian University

Academic Affairs

Board of Regents 


Dr. Jordi Bostock

CEO, Success Sisters Magazine

Author/Writer Entreprenuer

Ms. Texas State 2012 Title Winner

 Public Relations

Dr. J. Alexander Martin

Co-founder of FUBU & For Us By Us (FUBU) Network

Business Consulting & Networking Strategies

Board of Regents,


Dr. Lee Merritt, ESQ. - Civil Rights Attorney

CEO of Merritt Law Firm

 Legal Affairs

Board of Regents 


Dr. Terrance Ruffin

Music Director - Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX.

Campus Ministries/Missions

Board of Regents 


Dr. Jamisa McIvor - Bennett

CEO, Rosebud Investments

Real Estate Management

Board of Regents 

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thumbnail - 2022-10-17T130910.663.jpg

Dr. Akil King

Grammy Award Winner

Producer , Singer and Song Writer

Board of Regents

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Dr. Latoya Evans

 Principal & Chief Communications Officer LEPR Agency

Media Journalism

Board of Regents 

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Dr.  Dante Simpson

CEO, DSA Media Group

Co-Founder ESPAT & ESPAT TV 

Media & Broadcasting 

Board of Regents 

Dr. Krystal B. Caldwell, M.D.

CEO Nervana Holistic Health

Medical Team Doctor (2012 & 2016 Olympics)

 College of Medicine

Board of Regents 

Dr. Michael Mota

Chairman of Retrofitting Gas-Powered Vehicles to EVs

President Bayport International Holdings Inc.

President of R3T Entertainment Division

COO of BR-Electric LLC

Board of Regents 

rICK st.jpg

Dr. Rick Steel

 Executive Music Producer

Board of Regents 


Dr. Stacee Lang

CEO, Smart People Network

  Funding Research and 

Program Development Operations

Board of Regents

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Vincent Berry II

CEO, Song X

Grammy Award Winner & Nominated (6x) Producer & Composer

Board of Regents 

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Dr. First Lady Tanisha

 CEO  Urban Solutions International

Board of Regents 


Brother Dr. Ben X

Assets Before Splurging (ABS) Firm

  Community Relations

Board of Regents

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