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Harvest Christian University

Executive Vice President

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 Dr. Two Lewis Makes HCU HISTORY

Special congratulations to Dr. Lewis on receiving the Harvest Christian University Alumni of The Year. HCU also want to thank him for the superb job of reaching alumni and building the HCU Alumni. His efforts not only attributed to the growth of the University but mentored future accredited Adjunct Professors.

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Harvest Executive Vice-President

HCU wants to give special thanks and a hardy welcome to it's new  highest ranking  executive officer, Dr. Michael Bates Sr. His business acumen and leadership style is a powerful hue that is galvanizing and retrofitting the University's thrust and direction.

Harvest Christian University

Dr. Opal Lee

HCU is partnering with Dr. Lee's Legacy of to unite her people through education and leadership. She is a champion and a trailblazer. She has so many programs and works that highlight her community and brings people together. We are grateful to have encountered such a kind soul.

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