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The performing arts and entertainment program at Harvest Christian University's Royal School encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, aiming to inspire students to cultivate their talents for the glory of God. The program includes the following components:


Music: The university offers vibrant and engaging music lessons, providing students with hands-on experience in music-making, singing, musical literacy, and playing in class ensembles.  The music program covers various areas such as sacred music, musical arts, music therapy, and music performance.


. Theater: The theater program at Harvest Christian University is designed to build a community of performers dedicated to excellence in theater arts. Students have the opportunity to participate in theater productions across different grade levels, curriculum, and departments. The university has a bold goal to become the premier student performing arts institution, with long-term plans for a modern Performing Arts Center

 Dance: While specific details about the dance program are not readily available from the provided search results, Harvest Christian University is likely to offer opportunities for students to engage in dance performances as part of its performing arts program.


 Film and Media Arts: The university provides programs in film and media arts, including film production, journalism, dance performance, and corporate communications

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Dance Practice
Dance Choreographer
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