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       The Harvest Christian University                  Vice-President Student Affairs                                


 Dr.  Ezra Naughton III        

Vice-President   Student Affairs


Dr. Ezra Naughton III is a distinguished professor at Harvest Christian University.


He  holds a Masters of Public Administration ( M.P.A.  )  in Public Policy & Urban Education Systems from Rutgers University.


Dr. Naughton also holds a Bachelor Degree ( B.S. ) in Biology/Biological Sciences.

He Received a distinguished doctorate degree from Harvest Christian University in Educational Leadership and serves an Adjunct Professor at Harvest Christian University.

Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

 He has an in-depth expertise and research


Adjunct Prof.

 Dr. Ezra Naughton III. Ed.D., M.P.A. ,B.S.

Welcome to the Office

of the 

Vice President  of Student AFFAIRS

The Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) is responsible for providing overall leadership, administration, and management of the Division of Student Affairs. The VPSA will develop and implement the Division's strategic plan and have direct oversight of the following departments: Athletics, Career Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Dean of Students, Disability Services, Housing and Residence Life, Student Activities, Student Conduct, and Student Health Services.

Duties and Responsibilities;

Dr. Naughton  will collaborate with other university departments to ensure student success and retention

Develop and administer the Division of Student Affairs' annual budget in collaboration with the Vice President for Administrative Services and staff

He will also recommend policies and procedures to the President that will improve student life, promote learning, and provide students with appropriate support.


VPSA will develop and implement a strategic enrollment management plan and campus engagement and co-curricular learning strategy

Procure external funding for Student Affairs programs and services to enhance student success

Serve on the executive management team and report to the University President . 

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