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    University Ambassador     

Child's Advocacy

    Dr. Maria O. Cottman Ph.D., MBA, CPC,CAMS

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           University Ambassador   

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Harvest Christian University Special Ambassadors are dedicated to advocating for the well-being and education and protection of children as well as developing and preserving relationships across the globe. As an institution of higher education, we recognize the importance of creating safe environments conducive to learning and development. We are proud to have our HCU Ambassador, leading our efforts. Their extensive experience in education, government, community and human relations are valuable asset to our university goals and beliefs.

Dr. Cottman has a 15 year tenure with Harvest Christian University and has demonstrated her allegiance and submission to the vision and leadership. She is Ambassador of the African Diaspora Union ADU Civil Society as a US Ambassador in the United States representing both the United States and African Diaspora and Africans.



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