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University  President and Chief                                

Sr. Executive Vice President                                 

 Dr. Michael Bates Sr. Ph.D., MBA, CPC, 

 Dr. Carl Robinson Ph.d., DSC, ,DDipl, 

University Provost                               

 Dr. Jonathan Robinson Ph.D., MBA, CPC, 

Vice-President Real Estate 

Dr. Sharon Frank Ph.D.

University Academic Dean                         

 Dr. Tanya McDonald White  Ph.D., 

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Sr. Executive Administrator 

                    Kay Robinson MBA                         

Executive Administrator                                 

 Dr. Kannis Florence Ph.D., MBA, Th.D, 

 Dr. Maria Cottman Ph.D., MBA, CPC, 

Director Human Resources                                

University Police  Academy

Sgt. Dr. Donny Walters Ph.D.

Director Physical Education
Dr.  Francina McCorory

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Director of Aviation                               

 Dr. Ron Mays 

Director of Hospitality                                

 Dr. Candice Woodring. Ph.D., MBA, CPC, 

Dean of Business School

    Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs   MBA, Ph.D.                           

Ethics  Committee Chair                               

 Dr. Jaron Barnes  Ph.D., MBA, CPC, 

 Dr.  Alexander Jan

Director INTERPOLICE Academy                 

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Vice-President Student Affairs

 Dr. Ezra Naughton III. Ed.D., M.P.A. ,B.S.

 Dr.  Tyrone Dennis Ph.d.

Director Community Policing                

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DIRECTOR OF Cyber Security                              


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Officer Demarcus Woodard

Prof.  Dr. Yahki Rapha Elohim

Director I Holistic Medicine                

Director University Security               

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 Dr.  Fredrick Lyde  Ph.D., CPC, 

 Ms. Kerrian  Robinson  CPC, 

 Dr. Juanita Stevenson Ph.D., CPC, 

Administrative Director           

Asst. Administrative Director           

Director  of Community Relations         

Director  of Community Relations   

Dr. Shirley Woods Ph.D.     


University Systems

The university systems at Harvest Christian University is designed to cater to a diverse range of educational needs, from vocational ministry to Bible education and hands-on higher learning. It aims to provide accessible, practical, and comprehensive education to individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life. Through its various schools and programs, Harvest Christian University seeks to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to serve the church and the world for the Kingdom of God, while also addressing the practical challenges associated with traditional four-year college education and student loan debt

The purpose of a university systems is to provide a comprehensive educational environment that fosters learning, research, and personal development. This includes offering a wide range of academic programs, promoting diversity and inclusion, and preparing students for their future careers. The university systems aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities necessary to succeed in their chosen fields and contribute to society. Additionally, universities often engage in research and innovation to advance knowledge and address societal challenges.

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