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University  President

​The Honorable Bishop

Dr. Carl Robinson Ph.D., DSc.,DDipl,. DHL,T hD.,





University Harvest Christian University  launches Crime Lab in 2023 through The Community Safety. Policing Leadership Academy and the CVI Leadership Academy to impact of policing that is essential to public safety.


Harvest Christian University Launches Crime Lab for Community Safety Leadership Academies

Harvest Christian University Crime Lab has launched the Community Safety Leadership Academies, which

will offer first-of-their kind programs to train the next generation of policing and community violence intervention leaders from across America.


With a goal to be the most impactful and robustly evaluated public safety training ever offered in the United States, this effort brings together data and behavioral science insights of top academics. Harvest Christian University's Lab will include both the Policing Leadership Academy and the CVI Leadership Academy, and will offer multidisciplinary studies and a curricula that spans six months. The first cohorts for both academies will graduate in 2023.

Harvest Christian University seeks to improve the efficacy and impact of policing and CVI that is essential to public safety. “Improving the ability of community safety institutions to use data-driven management strategies is a vastly underutilized lever for stemming the tide of gun violence and closing the safety gap in America’s cities, “That’s why we are launching the University Community Safety Leadership Academies, the most robust public safety management programs ever offered anywhere in the United States.”

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