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School of Holistic Medicine

Director Dr. Yah'ki Elohim Ph.D., MH, CBiol 




  •              Rights  Practice and Privileges Under Law

  • Dr. Yah'ki Elohim operates within state regulations governing holistic care, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. He upholds the highest standards of ethical practice and does not misrepresent himself or his services in any way.

Dr. Elohim's practice in holistic medicine is protected under the First Amendment rights, allowing him the freedom to provide alternative healthcare options to individuals seeking holistic healing modalities.

These rights safeguard his ability to offer herbal remedies, biochemistry-based treatments, and holistic care without infringement. Dr. Yah'ki Elohim remains committed to transparency, integrity, and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations while exercising his constitutional rights to practice holistic medicine.


                             The Ark of               Medicine

                            TEACHING  &  INSTRUCTION


                                 Background and Expertise



Dr. Yah'ki Elohim is a Master Herbalist, Spiritual Holistic Teacher, Crystal Healer, Musician, and Positive Speaker with a unique skill of merging biblical and ancient mystical principles into a scientific perspective.

All teaching and learning  curriculums are accreditation under Harvest Christian University. Harvest Christian University requires  certification  and accreditation for all instructors and teachers as per the  accreditation rules and guidelines  of  The Harvest Christian University's Department of  Extension Campus Accreditation ( DECA ) and  The Department of Degree Accreditation (DHDDA ) . 


                                      Teaching Approach and Methods

Dr. Elohim conducts seminars, hosts podcasts, and teaches spiritual lessons from the Bible with deep mystical knowledge.

School of Holistic Medicine

Director Dr. Yah'ki Elohim Ph.D., MH, CBiol 

                                                 ABOUT THE GOOD DOCTOR:




Dr. Yah'ki Elohim, a distinguished Naturopathic Doctor, has been appointed as the Medical Director of The Harvest Christian University's School of Holistic Medicine, marking a significant milestone in the institution's pursuit of excellence in holistic healthcare education..

As the Medical Director, Dr. Elohim is poised to inspire students, faculty, and practitioners alike with his profound insights and holistic philosophy, fostering a culture of excellence and empowerment within the university's School of Holistic Medicine. His appointment signifies a new era of growth and transformation for the institution, underlining its dedication to providing cutting-edge education in holistic healthcare under the guidance of a renowned expert like Dr. Yah'ki Elohim. 

Dr. Yah'ki Elohim is a Master Herbalist and Certified Biochemist known for his expertise in herbalism, biochemistry, and holistic healing. He has a strong focus on promoting health, unity, and self-awareness within the Black Community. Yah'ki's  was Inspired by notable figures like Dr. Sebi and Dr. Afrika, he has dedicated himself to empowering others through his teachings, music, and positive speaking engagements.

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