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From The Desk of The Royal Chancellor

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Sovereign King of Hawai'i

HRM Dr. Edmund Keli'i Silva. Jr

HRM Dr. Edmund Keli'i Silva. Jr.

​HRM Dr. Edmund Keli'i Silva Jr., PhD, JD, EdD., LLD., CPE.

Distinguish Professor of Education Leadership

Distinguish Professor of Indigenous Wisdom and Law

Chair, RCST Institute for Indigenous Studies


PhD Political Science, University of Royal Borneo Nations, Hong Kong

JD International Law, College of Law, Word in Action Ministry, USA

LLD Doctor of Law, Constitutional Law, Rockfield College of Science & Technology

EdD. Education Leadership, Rockfield College of Sciences & Technology, Switzerland

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A King fights for his nation... A hero fights for the world... Be the Hero.

Welcome Letter to All Students:

“May you trust God, that you are exactly where you are meant to be...

May peace, purpose, and calm be your compass. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith And may you create fond memories that will last forever in your heart.” – HRM Eks

 As your Chancellor, aloha and welcome to Harvest Christian University.  We are an open-minded, national, and international accredited educational institution, whose foundation is based on ethics, honor, and respect.  Your past academic years were simply in preparation for this precise time and moment, one that will advance the dream you began so long ago when you've decided what you wanted to do when you grew up.


As it is with every professor, I feel it is my duty to help you accomplish your long-awaited vision of becoming a productive, life force energy, one that harmoniously benefits nature, the natural world, and the human-family.

I have no doubt you will have an amazing, educational experience that will be empowering as you pursue truth, seek wisdom, and grasp the life you want.  I have an open-door policy. You are welcomed to voice your opinions, thoughts, or concerns at my feet. I will listen, and together we will solve the problem.

Or, if you just want to stop by to say ‘Aloha’, that will be great as well.

Royal Chancellor

HRM Dr. Edmund Keli'i Silva. Jr, Sovereign King of Hawai'i

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