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        Harvest Christian University                   Sr. Executive Vice President                                 


HG  The Honorable Bishop

Prof.  Dr. Michael Bates Sr. Ph.D., MBA, CPC, 

Sr. Executive Vice President                                 

 HG Dr. Michael Bates Sr.          Sr. Executive Vice-President 


" The Business Bishop"

Co-Founder of  Smart People Network




CEO of Hello SonShine Network


Vice President at


Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker


General of Transformational Thinking


Harvest Christian University Sr. Vice President


Diplomat at Humanitarian Rights & Diplomacy 


Board of Regents

 the Office of the Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice-President is the Chief Administrative Officer with oversight of the development, stewardship and operation of the physical campus, the delivery of campus services and the provision of programs to support campus life. Dr. Bates leads the  efforts to continually improve the delivery of University operations and infrastructure while strengthening safety planning and coordination. He is responsible for providing overall leadership for University administrative services, has direct oversight

of the operating divisions and the administrative planning team.  Dr. Bates chairs several committees and reports to the  University President.

The executive vice president is responsible for the University’s long-term campus plan and capital construction program, and leads University efforts through committees focused on environmental safety, enterprise risk management, compliance, and increasing efficiencies across administrative and academic departments.

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