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Department Of Chaplaincy

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Complete Chaplaincy Training for The Marketplace

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Department of Chaplaincy

Who Are Chaplains?

Chaplains provide assistance to police officers, firefighters, and their families Members We are also able to assist during times of injury, illness, or death.

Our Chaplains are not just certified but they are licensed and commissioned through the highest sanction of government to serve the whole marketplace and not just certain sectors. We bring a lifetime of experience, training, and skill sets that energize our ability to help bring dignity to emergency services community.

Our ministers are required to follow a strict code of ethics and must adhere to the rules of confidential. Many of our chaplains are already certified professionals in the area of stress management, crisis intervention, domestic violence, and conflict resolution.

Our Mission

To equip and supply the body of Christ thereby energizing the ranks of leadership to marketplace ministry in it cutting edge concept​

We prepare Ministers to reach the marketplace like

  • Sports Teams

  • Banks 

  • Hotels

  • Police

  • Departments

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Prisons

... and anywhere there is a need for the Gospel. We help ministers serve with impact and effectiveness while displaying the highest level of professionalism and competence


Professional Team

We are a fellowship of Christian Chaplains and Ministers Serving the marketplace, is a nonprofit Christian fellowship with hundreds of chaplains serving in ministry worldwide.

Since 2009, our ministers serve in law enforcement, fire services, prisons, hospitals, hospice care, and church ministries., The International helps to provide a professional network of qualified clergy from many educational and Christian backgrounds. The goal is developing ministry leaders to reach the world for Christ while serving God through chaplaincy.

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