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The University's Alumni Relations


The university's Alumni Relations office is responsible for maintaining relationships with alumni and engaging them with the university.


The office works closely with the university's leadership, including the President, Provost, Board of Regents, and Executive Vice President, to ensure that alumni are recognized for their contributions to the university and that their concerns are addressed.


Harvest Christian University also has a Legacy Center that honors individuals from all walks of life for their significant contributions, sacrifices, and lifetime achievement.The center confers honorary degrees posthumously, recognizing the exceptional impact these individuals have made during their lives.

The university's commitment to honoring these individuals is a testament to their lasting distinction and the legacy they have left behind. By awarding honorary degrees, Harvest Christian University aims to inspire its students and the wider community to strive for excellence and make a positive impact on society.

In addition, the university recognizes outstanding alumni through awards such as the Alumni of the Year award. The university also has an Icon Awards Program that recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions in areas such as the creative and performing arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, and public service.


Honored Alumni are selected on the basis of outstanding service to the University, exceptional achievement in a profession or occupation, and contributions to the community.The Office of Alumni being made up of standing alumni.

The duties of the alumni relations

The duties of the alumni relations office at Harvest Christian University are not explicitly outlined in the search results. However, we can infer some of their responsibilities based on the available information. Here are some possible duties of the alumni relations office at Harvest Christian University:

  1. (1.) Develop, coordinate, promote, maintain, and evaluate special events, programs, and projects sponsored by the alumni relations office.

(2.) Engage alumni through the common bonds of academic program/department/school/college.

(3.) Encourage alumni to steward their commitment to bring in new alumni and recruit new students.

(4.) Provide support and covenant to alumni and philanthropic partners.

(5.) Nominate candidates for honorary doctorate degrees and submit them to the university's executive council for review.

(6.) Appoint an honorary degree committee to recommend candidates for honorary doctorates.

(7.) Serve as a liaison between the university and its alumni.



The alumni relations department at Harvest Christian University supports the university in several ways, including:

Philanthropic and humanitarian efforts: The university is supported by the philanthropic and humanitarian efforts of its alumni and friends.This means that the alumni relations department plays a crucial role in engaging alumni and encouraging them to give back to the university.

  • Ambassadors to the university: The alumni relations department serves as a liaison between the university and its alumni. As ambassadors to the university, alumni can help promote the university's mission and values, recruit new students, and bring in new alumni.

  • Honorary degree nominations: The alumni relations department is responsible for nominating candidates for honorary doctorate degrees and submitting them to the university's executive council for review.This means that the department plays a key role in recognizing the achievements of outstanding individuals and promoting the university's reputation.

Special events and programs: The alumni relations department develops, coordinates, promotes, maintains, and evaluates special events, programs, and projects sponsored by the department.These events and programs can help foster a sense of community among alumni and promote the university's mission and values.This support can help ensure that the department runs smoothly and efficiently.


Overall, the alumni relations department at Harvest Christian University plays a vital role in supporting the university's mission and values by engaging alumni, promoting philanthropic efforts, recognizing outstanding individuals, and fostering a sense of community among alumni.


Harvest Christian University Alumni Engagement Rules


Alumni Status: All alumni of Harvest Christian University (HCU) will retain their alumni status indefinitely, as long as  of their level of involvement or performance meet standards of involvement;


Alumni Involvement: Alumni are encouraged to actively participate in the HCU community. This can be achieved through various means such as attending events, volunteering, mentoring current students, and participating in alumni programs.


Alumni Support: Alumni are urged to support HCU through philanthropic and charitable giving. This support can be directed towards various areas such as scholarships, campus expansion, program development, and accreditation.

Alumni Recruitment: Alumni are encouraged to steward their commitment to HCU by recruiting new students and alumni. This not only strengthens the HCU community but also contributes to the success of the university.

Alumni Recognition: HCU recognizes the achievements and contributions of its alumni. The university may award honorary degrees to distinguished alumni based on their accomplishments and service to the community.

Alumni Communication: HCU will facilitate two-way communication between the university and its alumni. This will ensure that the needs, expectations, and attitudes of the alumni are taken into consideration, leading to improved university standards.

Alumni Engagement: HCU will strive to create meaningful, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its alumni. The university will provide inspiring and engaging activities that are relevant to the alumni and informed by data, insight, and feedback.

Alumni Advocacy: Alumni are encouraged to serve as ambassadors for HCU in their broader communities. This can be achieved by advocating for the university, representing its interests, and promoting its mission and goals.

Alumni Service: HCU encourages its alumni to seek careers that are beneficial to humanity and reflect the values instilled in them during their time at the university.



Harvest Christian University Alumni Standing and Degree Recall Statement

In accordance with the principles and values of Harvest Christian University (HCU), it is important to clarify the conditions under which an alumni's standing and doctoral degree may be affected.

  1. Alumni Standing: All alumni of HCU are expected to uphold the values of the university and contribute positively to its community. If an alumnus fails to support, participate, or remain active in the HCU community, they may lose their standing as an alumni. This also means they will lose their alumni status.

Doctoral Degree Recall: HCU reserves the right to recall a doctoral degree in cases  failure to maintain Alumni Standing and non-ethical behavior. This is a serious action taken only in circumstances where the individual has acted in a way that significantly contradicts the ethical standards and values of the university. This could include, but is not limited to, academic dishonesty, criminal activity, or professional misconduct.

It is important to note that these actions are not taken lightly and are subject to a thorough review process. The university's Executive Council and the University's Alumni Relation Department are responsible for making these decisions.

HCU is committed to upholding the highest intellectual and moral values, and expects its alumni to do the same. The university encourages all alumni to remain engaged, supportive, and active in the HCU community, and to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the values instilled in them during their time at the university.

Alumni Categories:

  • Alumnus: This is the singular masculine form of the word, used to refer to one male graduate.

  • Alumna: This is the singular feminine form of the word, used to refer to one female graduate.

  • Alumni: This is the plural form of the word, used to refer to a group of male graduates or a mixed-gender group of graduates.

Alumnae: This is the plural form of the word, used to refer to a group of female graduates.

When using these terms, it's important to keep in mind the gender and plurality of the graduates you are referring to. For example, if you're talking about a group of female graduates, the correct word to use is "alumnae"

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