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         The Royal Diplomatic Envoy         

  Advancement of Global Education

HRM Prof.  Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad  Ph.D.

Title: H.R.M. Prof. Dr. Queen

Prime Minister Birland Kingdom

Country: Philippines

Degree: Bachelor in Kindergarten Education (BKE) Harris Memorial College, United Nations Manila, Philippines

Masters in Administrative Processes (MAP) Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations


It surprises many royal kings and international organizational heads how she developed in the governmental and monarchical spheres, the mastery in relevant tasks and the power of conviction which few people have and is already a triumph in itself.


She has achieved her achievements from her persevering actions as a humanitarian and peace person and from the heart and God entrusted her with these tasks that she carries out with perfection...” (words by some royal kings about her).




     The Royal Diplomatic Envoy            Advancement of Global Education

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