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University  President

Carl Robinson Ph.D.

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University  Executive Vice-President

Dr. Michael Bates Sr.

University Alumni Relations

Dr. Sharon Frank

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University  Provost

Dr. Jonathan Robinson

University  Royal Chancellor

HRM Dr. Edmund Keli'  Paki-Silva Jr.

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University Business Liaison

HG Dr. Kay Robinson

University Director Aviation Training

Prof. Dr. Ron Mays

University  Director Holistic Medecine

Dr. Yahki Rapha Elohim

University  Alumni

Dr. Michael Roberts Jr.

University  President

Carl Robinson Ph.D., DSc.,DDipl,.

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University  Executive Administrator 

Dr. Kannis Florence


University Governor

Prof. Dr. Chris Amafadon

University  Human Resources

Dr.  Maria Cottman

University  Intelligence  Logistics

Dr.  Carl Fortune

University  Alumni

Dr. Elizabeth Wellington

The University's Alumni Diplomats


  • The highest level of recognition for alumni at Harvest Christian University.

  • Distinguished individuals who have achieved prominence in their fields and have demonstrated a strong commitment to the university and its values.

  • They may receive special honors and awards, such as honorary doctorate degrees and presidential lifetime achievement awards.

  • They are expected to be exemplary representatives of the university and to contribute significantly to its continued success.



  • Address Support from Other Countries and Governments

    • Diplomats work with other nations and through multilateral institutions to help improve the lives of people everywhere.

    • They engage in preventive diplomacy to prevent disputes from escalating into conflicts and to limit the spread of conflicts when they occur.

    • Diplomats also play a crucial role in the defense of democracy around the world and can make a renewed commitment to democratic values in their day-to-day work.







Harvest Christian University Alumni Engagement

Alumni Diplomats can engage in diplomatic causes by leveraging their connections and influence to advocate for these causes. They can work with governments, heads of state, and countries to promote and support alumni programs, scholarships, campus expansion, program development, and accreditation. This can be done through various activities such as organizing events, networking, and advocating for policies that support these causes.

Alumni diplomats engage with diplomatic causes by leveraging their skills and connections to promote various initiatives. Some of the ways they can engage in diplomatic causes related to alumni programs, scholarships, campus expansion, program development, and include:

  1. Advocating for Educational Initiatives:

    • Alumni diplomats can advocate for the expansion of scholarship programs and the development of new academic initiatives. They can work with governments and international organizations to secure funding and support for these programs.

  2. Promoting Cultural and Educational Exchange:

    • They can facilitate cultural and educational exchange programs between their alma mater and institutions in other countries. This can help promote the university's global presence and attract international students.





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