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    Harvest Christian  University

                     EXECUTIVE Administrator                              


 The Honorable

Dr. Kannis Florence 


Dr. Kannis D. Florence, with over 48 years of  talented Ministry and Church in administration. His talents lend very unique expertise in organizational thinking and planning.  His cutting edge preaching and pastoral experience. is most valuable in hat he understands structure and protocol.  

Dr. Florence is a prolific teacher, accompanied author, and  former radio  personality. His Educational background includes, psychology and Business Administration with an accomplished MBA..

He is the president of Metanoia Ministries, a religious base organization with a goals of helping us to re- think our theology, economics, education and community 

His business experience spans over 25 years where he provided protocol services, financial literacy and service. 

University Executive Administrator

Dr. Kannis Florence Ph.D., MBA, ThD.




 Dr. Kannis Florence has been appointed as the new head executive administrative council at Harvest Christian University. He brings over 30 years of ministry, pastoral, and business experiences, including his own successful business and entrepreneurial endeavors. Dr. Florence's duties at the university will include serving as a special advisor and assistant to the university president, liaising between the president and various departments, supervising interactions with alumni, overseeing graduation ceremonies, managing the Legacy Center and award systems, and managing administrative processes and personnel.


As a special advisor and assistant to the University President, Dr. Florence will be responsible for maintaining positive relationships between the president and various departments. He will work to ensure that the university runs smoothly and efficiently by liaising between different departments and addressing any issues that arise. 

Dr. Florence will also be responsible for managing the Legacy Center and award systems. He will work to ensure that these systems are efficient and effective in recognizing the achievements of students and faculty. Finally, Dr. Florence will manage administrative processes and personnel to ensure that the university runs smoothly and that personnel are effectively managed. He will work to streamline administrative processes and ensure that personnel are well-trained and equipped to handle their responsibilities.            

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