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Greetings for The University president

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University president

Dr. Carl Robinson Ph.D., DSC., DDipl.,  DHL., ThD.


A Message From Our President :

Greetings to Alumni, Students and Friends.


As President of Harvest Christian University my vision and mission is to provide and environment conducive to real education, inspiration and knowing. To not only provide access to better life opportunities but to promote community thought, fairness, self equity, and teach students to become good people who promote good. If you can  believe it you can do it. We believe in teaching people how to think, not what to think.  Here at Harvest Christian University our commitment to seeing individual achievement and awareness is rivaled only to our belief in the power of the individual ability to believe in themselves, know and soar in achievements with their God given purpose and design. Once it is sensed we can create stronger families, incomes, and outcomes that will produce a thinking community.

Here at Harvest Christian University we believes that an Institution of higher learning is only as strong as it's Alumni and philanthropic partner's commitment to see growth and progression. That support will drive the purpose of the School into the various communities, businesses, industries and institutions. Harvest Christian University is the shore on which our legacies will be made and cemented.


I believe that education should accomplish certain things. First it  should turn students into citizens.  It should teaches students how to run the country before it’s their time. It should also teach " The Values of this Nation'. Things like, core values, what opportunity means and how important it is to understand and seek Rise by Merritt and Upward Mobility. I believe that our constitution and bill of rights must be central, the parties should be prereferral. 

Together Lets create the community thought to encourage dreams and ambitions. As Harvest Christian University steps into it's mandate of historic precedence as an institution of both higher and post-secondary education. I believe we are the not the game changer but we are the game. I know I will see your continued support of Harvest Christian University. It is a great privilege to serve with . 


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