University  President

​The Honorable Bishop

Dr. Carl Robinson Ph.D., DSc.,DDipl,. DHL,T hD.,

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University  President

Carl Robinson Ph.D., DSc.,DDipl,. DHL,Th.D.

University  aluMNI RELATIONS

Gerri Gold, Ph.D.

University  Alumni Relations

Jordi Bostock, Ph.D.

Greetings to HCU Alumni and Friends,


As President of Harvest Christian University and the Office Of Alumni Relations,  I take great pride in the University's accomplishments and future goals.  As we welcome new students to Harvest Christian University, it is our prayer that they be reminded of what our legacy is and to follow and embrace the alumni 's dreams as well as their aspirations be fulfilled.

The Office of Alumni Relations is a liaison between alumni and the university with opportunities for alumni to stay connected to their alma mater. It is our endeavor that our alumni directly support the recruitment the retention of students and New Alumni  as well as fundraising goals.  Alumni are encouraged to keep their contact information updated so we can share news, events and networking opportunities. 


Our responsibilities as Alumni are to facilitate class reunions, events, and homecoming activities. This is to build the Alumni with activities and involvement of The students who attend  Harvest Christian University. We will need  the support of alumni without the participation of alumni mentoring students and assisting with fundraising and scholarship initiatives, there can be no success. 

As Harvest Christian University steps into it's Mandate of historic Precedence as an institution  of both Higher and post-secondary education. I believe we are the not the game changer, we are the game. I know I will see your continued support of Harvest Christian University. It is a great privilege to serve you and my alma mater.


Philanthropic & Charitable Giving.

Special Thanks to our Philanthropic Partners who have made our efforts possible Through support and covenant we are already impacting the nations. 

We encourage our Alumni to steward their commitment to bring in new Alumni and recruit new students. Through Alumni continued involvement, we succeed. This is an alumni call to duty to give back.. Our Support is garnered by both our Alumni and Philanthropic Friends.