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 Dr. Maria Cottman oversees the search results do not provide any information about Dr. Maria Cottman's responsibilities or areas of expertise. As Chief Officer of Human Resources at Harvest Christian University, and as such, she is responsible for overseeing the Human Resources department and managing its various functions, such as recruitment and hiring, employee relations, performance management, benefits and compensation, training and development, policy development and compliance, employee records and HR systems, and employee engagement and wellness



As the Chief Officer of Human Resources at Harvest Christian University, Dr. Maria Cottman is responsible for overseeing the Human Resources department. Here is an outline of the department's duties:

  1. Recruitment and Hiring:

  2. Employee Relations:

  3. Performance Management:

  4. Benefits and Compensation:

  5. Training and Development:

  6. Policy Development and Compliance:

  7. Employee Records and HR Systems:

  8. Employee Engagement and Wellness:

Dr. Maria Cottman, as the Chief Officer of Human Resources, plays a crucial role in managing and leading these responsibilities within the Human Resources department at Harvest Christian University.

            Dr. Maria O.  Cottman Ph.D., CPC,CAMS

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Dr. Maria O. Cottman

Education: Dr. Cottman holds a PhD. IN Pastoral Counseling. She is owner of Licensed Adoption Agency and provided adoptions services  for Adoption and children services.  Dr. Cottman is also a Foster Care Services Provider. In addition she trains and does instruction to foster parents and children services.

 - Licenesed Commissioned Chaplain

-Certified Anger Management Counselor

-Certified Pastoral Counselor

-Former Goodwill Ambassador ADU-

-Ceo Cottman Charities & Enterprises


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