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Executive-Director Community Development
Dr. Dametra Stevenson




 Introduction To Community Development Training 

This outline covers key aspects like understanding the community, developing a vision and plan, core leadership competencies, community engagement tactics, resource mobilization, advocacy, measuring impact, and sustaining leadership over time. The specific modules can be customized further based on the needs of the participants.

 1. Introduction to Community Development
A. Defining community development
B. Principles and values of community development
C. The community development process

II. Understanding Your Community
A. Assessing community needs and assets
B. Mapping community resources and stakeholders
C. Analyzing community power structures

III. Building a Vision and Plan
A. Developing a shared vision for the community
B. Setting goals and objectives
C. Creating an action plan

IV. Leadership Skills for Community Development
A. Facilitation and consensus building
B. Conflict resolution
C. Public speaking and communication
D. Project management

V. Community Organizing and Engagement
A. Outreach and mobilizing the community
B. Building coalitions and partnerships
C. Volunteer recruitment and management

VI. Resource Development
A. Fundraising strategies
B. Grant writing
C. Developing social enterprises

VII. Advocacy and Policy Change
A. Community advocacy tactics
B. Influencing policy and decision makers
C. Working with the media

VIII. Measuring Impact
A. Monitoring and evaluation methods
B. Demonstrating outcomes and impact
C. Sharing success stories

IX. Sustaining Community Leadership
A. Developing new leaders
B. Self-care for community leaders
C. Maintaining momentum and commitment

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