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The University's Alumni Fellows Programs 

Harvest Christian University values the contributions of its alumni and offers numerous opportunities for them to stay connected and make a meaningful impact. Whether through teaching, participating in alumni relations, or engaging in prestigious clubs and programs, alumni fellows play a crucial role in the ongoing success and development of the university community.

University Opportunities

The Alumni

Introduction to Alumni Fellow Opportunities at Harvest Christian University Harvest Christian University (HCU) offers a variety of opportunities for alumni to stay engaged and contribute to the university community. These opportunities span across teaching, involvement in alumni relations, and participation in various prestigious clubs and programs. Below is an outline of the potential opportunities available for alumni fellows at HCU:

Teaching Opportunities

  • 1. Schools and Academies:

  • 2. Certificate Programs:

Alumni fellows can contribute as adjunct professors, guest lecturers, or mentors in these schools and certificate programs, sharing their expertise and real-world experience with current students.

Alumni Relations Involvement

 University Echelon 




Adjunct Professorship

2-Year Adjunct Professorship:

Alumni fellows can apply for a two-year adjunct professorship, allowing them to teach courses, develop curriculum, and mentor students. This role provides flexibility for professionals to balance their careers while contributing to the academic environment at HCU.

The Legacy Center

The Legacy Center at Harvest Christian University has established an Icon Awards Program to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the university and the community. 

Alumni Fellows Program Opportunities

Academic Programs:

Harvest Christian University offers a range of educational programs and has established partnerships with other institutions.

Accreditation: Harvest Christian University is accredited by the Board of Quality Standards (BQS), the International Accreditation for Tertiary Education (IATU), and the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE). These accrediting bodies ensure that the university meets high standards of educational quality and institutional effectiveness.

Aviation Program: Harvest Christian University has partnered with Tuskegee University to launch the Beta aviation program, which focuses on training new pilots through a military program. This collaboration aims to advance aviation education and training opportunities by leveraging the expertise and resources of both institutions.

Degree Programs: The university offers various degree programs, including master's degrees and certificate programs in fields such as business, technology, and professional studies.

Extension Campuses: While the search results mention that Harvest Christian University has campuses in the United States, it does not provide specific information about international campuses. The university may have extension campuses or partnerships in other countries, but the search results do not confirm this.

Partnerships: In addition to the partnership with Tuskegee University, the search results mention that Harvest Christian University collaborates with global business partners to provide educational and training opportunities.

Harvest Christian University's focus on indigenous learning, hands-on education, and its belief that accreditation is not mandatory for providing quality education distinguish it from traditional universities.

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