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In addition to differences in the content of Mini-MBA, MBA, Executive MBA and DBA programs, there is a significant difference in formats of programs, and also the nature of schools, which conduct these programs. The majority of programs are Academic, it is connected with the fact that the majority of business schools are divisions of universities, they follow their philosophy and to a great extent use university approaches and teaching staff, thus they are academic educational institutions. Within the frames of Academic Mini-MBA, MBA, Executive MBA and DBA programs, participants study courses which are obligatory from the point of view of some academic standard.

Master of Business Administration

MBA can help those looking to pivot careers or satisfy a qualification for an advanced position. Students will learn hands on skills in leadership, management and communication along with more specialized course work. Our Executive MBA and MBA programs are taught by prominent and renown business professionals who have been super successful and hold a constant business acumen and have impacted their communities and uses their success as humanitarian entrepreneurs to make change. 


                                      Mini-MBA program

It is the shortest and the least expensive program, it is also known as a Starter MBA or Pre-MBA program. A mini MBA offers a short, focused education for those interested in business. This program is aimed at managers of junior level As an MBA alternative, some colleges and universities offer mini MBAs. A mini MBA condenses the most important courses and topics of an MBA into a short, 35-40 hour program.


                                     MBA program 

MBA program with specialization in some topic. The content of these programs includes certain theoretical knowledge with relatively little practice. In the majority of schools students practice on cases (specially developed examples), but there is no real practice based on the examples of enterprises where participants of programs work. One exception is implementation MBA programs, which we are going to discuss further. The target audience of MBA programs in the world are young people who have recently graduated from universities (2 – 5 years ago).

Executive MBA program

Executive MBA program with specialization) is a more prestigious and more practical program than an MBA program. These are programs of a higher level. They are aimed at owners, top managers and staff reserve, who are eligible for senior leadership positions. These are people with real managerial experience and mandates to immediately implement changes at their enterprises. In proper Executive MBAs the material, which students study, is practiced at their own enterprises, but not with the help of abstract cases and it is often immediately implemented at work.


DBA program

Doctor of Business Administration

It is the most prestigious type among MBAs, ultra-premium class. These are programs of the highest level. In comparison with the number of business schools who offer MBAs and Executive MBAs, the number of schools who offer a DBA program is minimal. The reason is that the requirements for quality and depth in a DBA program are higher than the requirements for an Executive MBA program. As a rule, such programs are chosen by owners or top managers (or those who are going to take such a post in the short run) who possess significant life and managerial experience. Consequently, a DBA program, as well as an Executive MBA program.


PhD Programs

Executive Doctorate in Business (DBA) Degree Program

Full-time programs specializing in accounting, operations and business analytics, economics, finance, marketing and organizational behavior and strategy. Part-time executive doctoral program equipping executives with the knowledge and skills to better address complex industry challenges.

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