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University  President

 University Alumni Relations

Carl Robinson Ph.D., DSc.,DDipl,.

Dr. Sharon Frank

University  Alumni Relations

Vice-President Alumni Relations

Sharon Frank, Ph.D.

University  Alumni Relations
University Provost
Dr. Jonathan Robinson P.h.D


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 University Alumni Relations

University Executive Vice-President

Dr. Michael Bates Sr. Ph.D., MBA, CPC

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 University Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations

Dr. Jerri Gold Ph.D.

University  Alumni Relations
Office of Development
Dr. Cedric Brown Ph.D.

University  Alumni Relations
Governmental Affairs
Dr. Elizabeth Wellington Ph.D.

 University Alumni Relations

University Executive Administrator

Dr. Kannis Florence, Ph.D.

The University's Alumni Relations


The university's Alumni Relations office is responsible for maintaining relationships with alumni and engaging them with the university.


Harvest Christian University's Alumni Relations.

The Alumni Relations office at Harvest Christian University is responsible for fostering and maintaining strong connections between the university and its alumni community. This office plays a crucial role in organizing various events and initiatives that bring together former students, faculty, and the broader Harvest community.

     Key Responsibilities:

  Graduation Commencements

  • Coordinate the planning and execution of the annual graduation ceremony

  • Collaborate with the Office of the President and the Board of Regents to ensure a seamless and meaningful commencement experience

  • Manage logistics, such as venue selection, guest speaker coordination, and program development

  • Facilitate the recognition of outstanding graduates and their achievements.

Icon Awards

Organize the annual Icon Awards ceremony to honor distinguished alumni

Establish the criteria and selection process for the Icon Awards in partnership with the Office of the President and the Board of Regents Promote the awards program and solicit nominations from the alumni community

Oversee the event logistics, including venue, catering, and guest speaker arrangements.

Sponsor Engagement

Identify and cultivate relationships with potential sponsors for alumni events and initiatives

Develop sponsorship packages and secure financial support from local businesses, corporations, and alumni

Ensure that sponsors receive appropriate recognition and benefits for their contributions.

Honorary Doctoral Recipients

Assist the Office of the President and the Board of Regents in the selection process for honorary doctoral recipients. Gather and evaluate nominations from the alumni community and other stakeholders

Provide recommendations and support the decision-making process for these prestigious awards.

Alumni Engagement

Organize and promote various alumni events, such as reunions, networking sessions, and professional development workshops. Facilitate communication and information-sharing between the university and its alumni through newsletters, social media, and other channels. Encourage alumni to stay involved with the university through volunteering, mentoring, and philanthropic support.

Data Management and Reporting

Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of alumni contact information and engagement

Analyze alumni data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement

Provide regular reports to the Office of the President and the Board of Regents on the activities and impact of the Alumni Relations office.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, the Alumni Relations office at Harvest Christian University plays a vital role in strengthening the bond between the university and its alumni, fostering a sense of community, and supporting the overall mission and goals of the institution.

Alumni Relations Code of Conduct

  1. Networking Restrictions

    • Prohibition on organizing alumni networking events

    • Ban on facilitating connections between alumni

    • Restrictions on using university platforms for professional networking

  2. Financial Conduct

    • Strict prohibition on accepting donations or funds on behalf of the university

    • Guidelines for redirecting financial inquiries to appropriate university departments

    • Restrictions on discussing university finances with external parties

  3. Privacy and Confidentiality

    • Mandate to protect alumni personal information

    • Protocols for safeguarding sensitive university data

    • Restrictions on sharing alumni contact details or biographical information

  4. Public Communications

    • Guidelines for interacting with media regarding alumni matters

    • Restrictions on publicly discussing university affairs or alumni activities

    • Protocols for handling inquiries about alumni or university operations

  5. Use of University Resources

    • Limitations on accessing alumni databases or contact information

    • Restrictions on using university branding or logos in personal communications

    • Guidelines for appropriate use of university email and communication systems

  6. Compliance and Reporting

    • Obligation to report violations of the code of conduct

    • Procedures for addressing breaches of confidentiality or privacy

    • Consequences for non-compliance with the code

  7. Professional Boundaries

    • Guidelines for maintaining appropriate relationships with alumni

    • Restrictions on personal interactions outside of official university functions

    • Protocols for handling conflicts of interest

This code of conduct outline addresses the key points you mentioned, including prohibiting alumni networking, discouraging fundraising activities, and protecting personal and vital information. It provides a framework for maintaining privacy and confidentiality while limiting public engagement and information sharing related to alumni and university affairs.

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