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 Acura, Ghana

Extension Campus


Executive Vice-President International  Student  Affairs

David Babatunde Ph.D.


The Prestigious



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Ghana Extension Campus

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N014, DC New York City

City Oyanifa

Acura Ghana

         Local: 214-382-2911

         Local: 469-399-2610

             Toll: 800-895-1458

Vice Chancellor

The  Executive Vice Chancellor, Dr. David Babatunde is responsible for administrating the recruitment and enrollment of students across the continent of Africa. The office works closely with the President, the chair of the Regents, and local staff. 

Vice Chancellor David works constantly for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,  and oversees the extension campus's efforts to create a more inclusive institution and campus climate.

  • Extension programs were designed to educate entire communities. Unlike four-year universities and colleges, and community colleges, extension programs aren’t completed for credit. Individuals who enroll in this kind of program take classes purely to advance their knowledge in a subject.


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