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The Prestigious





Harvest Christian University now has an international partnership with INTERPOL Academy. The Law Enforcement works with all law enforcement agencies across the globe. Fully train law enforcement and emergency first responders are of crucial need. The academy's mission is to create a learning environment that is engaging, challenging, and supportive, aiming to better prepare students to serve and protect their communities. 

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Harvest Christian University news and updates featured by television radio and social medias facebook and Instagram. Updates on programs and world education news. The " HCU Let's  U Talk with the President, Sr. Vice President, and Provost" opens a unique open dialogue and collaboration.  This platform allows  ideas, concerns, and visions to foster a culture of transparency and shared governance within the university community



This program teaches lifeSkills and behavioral health  skills needed in corporation and business to help employees, management  and sales the skills needed to lead, and advance. They in addition teach leadership, relationships, team concepts and skills needed to undesrtand cultural biases and emotional health.



A unique Aviation program that will meet the growing need for pilots and aviation personnel. HCU has extensive partnership that will offer opportunities for our young people to establish careers whil having gainful employment



Harvest Christian University's Humanitarian Diplomacy and Relief program is formed to enable the very best Diplomacy with a Humanitarian commitment toward senses of understanding culture and emotional intelligence and empathy all while serving nation to nation interest.



Supply Chain Management is key for any emerging company or country industry. We provide global programs that will teach business owners, companies, country leaders and government commerce the unique system of understanding producing and delivery.

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 Christian University's MBA program is a rigorous and comprehensive two-year curriculum that encompasses a wide range of business disciplines, including finance, marketing, strategic management, and organizational behavior, preparing students for leadership roles in the global business landscape. The program's robust curriculum integrates practical application, case studies, and real-world projects, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to address complex business challenges and opportunities in today's dynamic and competitive environment.

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An opportunity to  establish a career with a degree in Hospitality Management which prepares individual to take on rolls with hotels, sports venues, travel and tourism and food and beverage industry.

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 The performing arts program at Harvest Christian University is a vibrant and engaging program that offers lessons in art, music, drama, and dance. The university has a bold goal to become the premier. The program aims to bring fame to the name of the Lord by building a community of performers and sponsors through excellence in theater arts. 

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The Culinary Arts program at Harvest Christian University is a hands-on 1 and 2-year programs that emphasizes practical training, creativity, and excellence in the culinary arts. Students will have the opportunity to develop through diverse academic offerings at Harvest Christian University, which is known for its focus on practical, hands-on education and indigenous academic perspectives

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Christian University' has rigorous two year programs. These professional degrees are  in dentistry, nursing, optometry, and other healthcare fields that require a specialized two-year curriculum, encompassing advanced clinical training, specialized coursework, and practical experience to prepare students for their respective professional roles. 

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Harvest Christian University offers a range of 8 -6-week certificate programs, including the  (eMBA) Certificate,   (mMBA) Certificate, a Certificate in Civics Leadership, Certificate in Hospitality Management, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, each designed to provide students with specialized knowledge and skills for leadership and success in their respective fields. 



Harvest Christian University's eight-week Licensed Chaplaincy Program is designed to provide comprehensive training in pastoral care, spiritual counseling, and religious leadership, preparing individuals for chaplaincy roles in various settings. The program covers essential topics such as ethics, theology, crisis intervention, and religious diversity, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively support individuals and communities in challenging circumstances. 

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Harvest Christian University offers a diverse array of two-year Master's degree programs, including Public Administration, Law, Legal Sciences, Disaster Management, Business Administration, and Broadcasting. These programs are designed to provide students with specialized knowledge and practical skills in their respective fields, preparing them for impactful careers and leadership roles. 

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 Harvest Christian University is at the forefront of preparing the next generation of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) professionals. Our comprehensive degree programs and specialized training offerings equip students with the cutting-edge knowledge, practical skills, and ethical foundations needed to thrive in these rapidly evolving fields. Harvest Christian University is at the forefront of AI education, offering a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. Our programs are designed to equip students with a deep understanding of AI principles, algorithms, and applications, as well as the ability to develop innovative, ethical, and socially responsible AI solutions.

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Harvest Christian University Harvest Christian University is committed to providing a holistic educational experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of our students. We believe that true transformation occurs when we address the interconnected aspects of human development and well-being.At the heart of our approach is a deep understanding that academic excellence alone is not enough. Our students are more than just intellects - they are complex individuals navigating the challenges of personal growth, emotional resilience, and spiritual fulfillment. That's why we have built a comprehensive support system that goes beyond the classroom.

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Student Loans

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Americans owe $1.78 trillion in student loan debt, with $127.2 billion of this being private student loan debt. While The average U.S. household with student debt owes $58,238. HCU has the solutions!

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The Prestigious



Intelligence is not a privilege, it's a gift. And you use it for the good of mankind.To whom much is given much is required. Few people are borne with intelligence, remember it’s a gift. So that’s not man made.

The  'Prestigious Harvest Christian University' is a Royal School Sovereign school formed by Royal Charter. As a Post-Secondary  Institution of higher  learning it is famous and highly sought after because of it's educational acumen and focus on indigenous learning. 


The real education is hands on  and we at HCU offer a 2 year program  instead of a 4 year nightmare. Our students are offered the type of education that can change the direction their lives.




Harvest Christian University's Innovative Education Partnerships

Harvest Christian University is committed to addressing the evolving educational needs of society by fostering innovative partnerships and creating dynamic pipelines for new and cutting-edge programs. The university recognizes that the world is rapidly changing, and traditional educational models must adapt to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Harvest Christian University Embraces the Power of Honorary Degrees and Adjunct Professorships

At Harvest Christian University, we believe in the transformative power of recognizing exceptional individuals through honorary degrees and providing opportunities for them to share their expertise with our community.

Honorary Degrees: A Symbol of Distinction Harvest Christian University takes great pride in bestowing honorary doctoral degrees upon distinguished leaders, scholars, and visionaries whose contributions have had a profound impact on our world. These prestigious accolades serve as a symbol of our institution's highest regard and appreciation for their remarkable achievements. Empowering the Next Generation.


At Harvest Christian University, we believe that by recognizing and engaging exceptional individuals through honorary degrees and adjunct professorships, we are empowering the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Our students benefit from the wisdom, experience, and inspiration of these remarkable individuals, who serve as role models and catalysts for their own personal and professional growth.

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